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Belek, one of Antalya’s most popular holiday centers, has become not only a brand name in Turkey, but one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Located 50 kilometers from Antalya, Belek has seventeen-kilometer coastline. Among the features that make Belek such an attractive location in the region is its ease of access and the ancient cities situated nearby. The region hosted numerous civilizations throughout its thousands of years of history, and with its fertile lands has been a center of attention in every period.

Though Belek has a typical Mediterranean climate, the freshwater streams which flow from the slopes of the Taurus Mountains give it different characteristics than other Mediterranean locations. With all these features in place, Belek offers a magnificent atmosphere, not only as a tourism center, but as an area that contains all the distinctive Mediterranean characteristics and has also become an indispensable destination for golf tourism in Europe.


Antalya 50 Km
Belek 5 Km
Airport 40 Km

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Göcek is a settlement along the coastal line that is called the Bay of Göcek and situated inside the Gulf of Fethiye. Except for the southern part that opens to the sea, it is surrounded by the steep Taurus Mountains. Functioning as a calm and well-protected port by nature of the geographical structure of the bay, Göcek competently blends all your needs and wants as a holiday-maker and sea-enthusiast with its a number of beautiful bays, small and large islands and turquoise waters.

The Bay of Göcek is a perfect place to take a break and take shelter for the open sea and blue voyage enthusiasts. Also, for the yacht enthusiasts, it has become a centre of entertainment not only for marinas but also for accommodation and food & beverage venues.


Muğla 100 Km
Fethiye 28 Km
Airport 20 Km
Göcek 5 Km
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T : +90 242 710 7000